PPP Investment and Management Association established in Istanbul as registered office of the Association on December,2015 in order to study regarding national and international awareness  and applications of Public Private Partnership (“PPP”) Model which is one of the project finance model, also to provide material and moral support to the studies in the same direction, to perform introductory and encouraging works inside and outside of Turkey in order to extend the applications of PPP model in Turkey, to encourage and give support to domestic and foreign investors in relation to operating in the projects that are completed or will be completed in Turkey with PPP model.

Our Mission:

Mission of the PPP Association is to increase awareness of PPP Model used in the transportation, healthcare, education, infrastructure projects which are playing significant role for Turkey and to be helpful to improve and develop information and experience of persons who will have duty in the PPP projects.

Our Vision:

Mission of the PPP Association is to contribute to PPP projects’ success in the framework of the principle of transperancy, equality, independence, reliability and being scientific; and to be one of the well-known and beneficial non-governmental organization in the field of PPP Model.